Herb Tulliver: Alibi

Herb had made friends with a doctor long before his heart attack. He’d met Caleb in college, back when Herb had tried to get into medical school on his own merit. Always bullheaded, he thought he’d gain a professor’s recommendation letter in lieu of that teacher’s recommendation, but they had refused. Caleb was coerced into writing said letter. Herb was found out, kicked out of med school once and for all. He protected Caleb, but told him he owed big time.

Today he had called in that favor. Herb limped into the fire station with a file.

“Where have you been?!” Devon boomed. “I called every hospital in the county, was about to file a missing person’s!”

“I thought I could chase down my own truck, ended up getting food poisoning in Georgia!” Herb did his best to look embarrassed. “Knocked me out for 3 days. My rental car was towed, with my cell and suitcase in it. I had to practically hitchhike back up here!”

“Man! You have the worst luck!”

He tossed the file on the desk, but Devon didn’t read it.

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