“As president, I believe it is my obligation to-” His mind wandered as the prewritten speech eased from his lips. Fuck this all. Greed made us grow, and then we caused our own miscarriage.

He glanced up at the camera, wondering if the viewers would be able to tell he was frightened. I can’t even see them and I can tell that they are. Fucking one sided mirror.

Sudden deaths of millions across the world and the bipolarity of mother Earth had mixed to form an icy tonic that made him feel no sympathy at all for the human race. “Proceed accordingly. Your compliance is vital-”

What he was feeling was stronger than sympathy. An overwhelming pity engulfed him, making it hard to look the camera in its glary red eye. If curiosity killed the cat, naivety maimed it. They can’t recognize catastrophe? Earth needs to commit infanticide before the stupidity wears off.

Forget infanticide. She needs an abortion. He thought sardonically, almost laughingly, as he looked into the camera for the very last time.

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