Adelaide Continues To Complain

“I am your Fairy Godmother,” The woman continued unoffended by Adelaide’s interruptions. “And I am here to assist you in any way I possibly can.”
“Oh, Mr. Storyteller!” Adelaide called full of Maidenly sweetness.
You’re not supposed to talk to me! I’m not really part of this story.
Adelaide waited, the epitome of Maidenly patience.
What is it this time?
“You seem to have forgotten that at the moment, I am still dreaming.” She said.
Your point being…?
“Well what’s the use of a Fairy Godmother if I’m asleep?” Adelaide asked full of Maidenly curiosity. “And please stop with the Maidenly this and the Maidenly that. Its quite annoying!”
Yes…Right Um… Just please don’t talk to me, its very distracting!
“Who are you talking to?” The Fairy Godmother asked.
“Oh um, myself. No one important.” Adelaide laughed.

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