Utter Floccinaucinihilipilification.

How does a person write fiction without repeating any words? Especially when so many articles and prepositions were blown through in the first two sentences?

Use spaces between every liberally-defined paragraph.

(Seriously, be aggressive. Parentheses help.)

Aspire to length. Take egregious liberties with verb tense. If representationalism has been good, verisimilitude was better. Eschew antidisestablishmentarianism. Practice sound bookkeeping.

Count. Cheap, but effective. One… oh, fiddlesticks! Three, four – forget it. I know – entertaining onomatopoeia! Cuckoo. Thwap. Snap, crackle, pop. Almost five hundred left? Must catch breath…

Glean inspiration from popular music. Though his mind is not for rent, don’t put him down as arrogant. Leave your body alone. Only time will tell. Die before you get old. Her name? Rio. She dances on sand.

Consciousness streams cover limited ground. Incorporate meaning, or risk objectification. Respect philosophy. Stay mindful regarding character limits, avoiding unfor

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