Second period chemistry remained the highlight of my morning; stealing his attention for 50 minutes of the day, my secret victory. Man, was he good at appearing unavailable-but-still-looking. He flirted with all the girls, his posture lounging open to all who would sneak glances his way. He would grin at the right time, move with deliberate casualness. It was art in motion to watch his hand adjust a stray hair out of his eyes.

I had no idea if he had a girlfriend or not and was too reserved to ask. What would he think of me? I decided if I said anything out of character, the game was over. I did not want the game to be over!

“So, are we melting pennies today?”
“Something like that. Hand me the beaker.”
“Please?” he taunted.
“Please.” I stated, trying hard not to make eye contact, or I would blush. “And thank you.”
“You. Are. Welcome.”
It took everything I had not to shudder with pleasure.
Me, I Am Welcome!

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