Being Fearless

“You can do this.” I tell myself, struggling to believe it.

“You’re an adult now! You can do this.” Im a broken record.

I clutch to my stuffed lion, ragged from childhood adventures, as I shuffle down the hallway in my bunny slippers. The storm outside howls in agony as it slammes against my house. I feel my way to the laundry room and blindly feel around the dark until I find

“AH HA!” I gasp. Greedily, I stuggle with the flash light to turn it on. I check to make sure I have my cell phone and quickly huddle up in the corner of my laundry room. The ancient flashlight gives off little light as I desperately listen for any noises out of the ordinary. My cat doesn’t seem too worried as she flaunts her fearless attitude around my house, occasionally looking over to mock me.

“I cant help it. Do you hear this storm?!"

She blinks in response.

“Don’t judge me.”

And with a meow off she went, taking my childish fears with her.

“Well, we can’t all be as fearless as a kitten!!” I shout after her.

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