Knight in shining tighty-whitey armour.

Dashing round his room, jumping on his bed, he knew no-one would approve, but that would never stop the courageous Sir Pants. He had already traversed the Carpet Swamps, defeated the Pillow Monster, and now nothing could stop him from rescuing the Princess. She was being held captive by the dastardly Wizard, high above on Top Shelf Mountain, but he would be there soon enough.

Finding himself at the foot of the mountain, he looked up, and up. Clawing back his courage, he made that first stretch to climbing the unbelievable ascent. Looking back down, he could now see how far he had come, the vast chasm between the desk and floor made him nervous. Turning back to face his quest, he ducked in horror as the scrawny little Book Beasts flung themselves at him, the Screw Spiders letting go of their hold, letting the rock face, and brave Sir Pants fall back down to the earth.

He fell back to earth with a bump and a shock, as the Witch looked over him with disgust. Apparently 23 is too old for this sort of thing.

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