It's okay to start again

She heard the loud music flowing from the other room and almost turned around. She didn’t want to be here but her friends had insisted she needed a distraction from the pining and crying and eating ice cream. She knew they meant well and she had come to ease their worry.
With a deep breath she walked in and headed toward her little group. Out of the corner of her eye she recognized a familiar figure, him. A low gasp escaped her lips and she stood in shock, staring at his profile, his hair, his nose, his strong jaw.
He turned and their eyes met and the rest of the world melted away. Slowly they walked towards each other, stopping just inches away.
“Hello, stranger.” She smiled and tried to play it cool as her heart painfully ached in her chest.
“Hi, beautiful.” He quietly whispered back as he reached out to gently stroke her cheek. His touch sent electric bolts through her body and she shivered with emotion. “I’ve missed you, sweetie.”
Her tears fell silently as he took her into his loving arms once again.

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