I never watch the news

Until I am the news.

Go to YouTube.

Type in:

Perth Fire / Bushfire

There’s not much up there yet. Look for anything dated today or yesterday.

Do you see those houses and trees that are burning? That bridge which just burned down? That’s the bridge I drive over every day to get to work. This is where I live. This is where my friends and neighbours live.

This is happening to me right now.

My world is burning.

Somewhere in the world, someone’s world is drowning. Someone else’s world is being obliterated in some other way.

I never watch the news.

And when I do, I watch with the detatchment bred into us in this age of information. Where we see terrible things happen in big hollywood movies and computer games every day and never so much as blink. I watch the news with a strange suspicion that nothing on the other side of a television screen is actually real. I watch with the irrational certainty that something like that will never happen to me.

But now I am the news.

And now I am… confused.

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