Regards & Regrets

Captain’s Log, Ship’s Day 8452

We’ve received another missive from our friends back home.

They’ve packed as much information into it as they could have, but it was still a very terse transmission. Apparently, there are still—incredibly—some survivors on the Moon. Port Armstrong, or so they say, is the largest collection of them. I wonder how many people there are.

The Mercury contingent is also still holding out. One can’t help but wonder just what exactly went through the minds of those scientists, engineers, and resource extractors when they got the news that, suddenly, the Earth just…wasn’t there anymore.

The Lunar United Colony Youth apparently survived, and are transforming Mars into more suitable real estate. Fifty to sixty years is the estimated completion. If only we would have waited…if only we would have waited, none of this would have occurred. Nobody would have died, no false clouds, no reigns of terror…

I suppose I should be glad, though. At least, after all this time, they remember us.

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