George was very excited to return home that evening.

It was not for any particular reason. Certainly not for what he would find when he got there – a modest apartment that was less a home and more a shelter from the elements. It had a couch, some chairs, a bed and a table. There was also a stove and an icebox, but divorce had rid him of everything else.

This was not why George was excited to return home. It was, however, partly due to the fact that returning home meant leaving his job for the day. George didn’t mind his actual job and the tasks he was required to perform, but he hated the people with whom he worked. Most of his coworkers were lazy or stupid, or worse. His boss was particularly bad, adding sadistic managerial tendencies to an already boorish personality. Many times George had thought about quitting his job and never returning. Or worse.

But that still was not the main reason George was excited.

George was the most excited to return home that evening to see what his neighbors were doing.

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