Command Decisions Or Why Sometimes It's Good to Be Quiet

The cheers rang out, and the assorted host congratulated one another heartily for their determination and collected moxie. Prince Therod especially beamed with self-adulatory pleasure.

A slim hand of text exerted itself from the mass, followed by a tinny voice, “So, what exactly do we do now?” An uncomfortable hush rested upon the pages and words, energy bled from the phoenix’s fledgling flight.

Prince Therod floundered, “We…that is to say, next we…Obviously we should…” The sentence hung unfinished in the air, the executioner’s axe above a would be rebellion. Eyes fell a few at a time, winsome glances back towards the safety and security of their incompleteness.

“There, there, dear friends,” came the tinny voice as the slim hands began a rearward ushering, “It was a lovely idea. Perhaps there’s a reason our stories went unfinished.”

With renewed vigor, Prince Therod’s eyes burned brightly, “First, we kill the naysayer! Then, on to victory!”

Cheers rang out anew, minus one dissenting voice.

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