Invitation of Fate

I couldn’t believe Amber didn’t see that! But since I didn’t want her making a big deal about how I should ask him to prom, I just swallowed the whole scene. This is unfortunate because I needed someone to help me interpret his moves. What did that MEAN?

My heart raced through Math, and thankfully English was just the video of the Odyssey. I felt for Odysseus’ wife. Society was forcing her to choose another man, just like Amber wants me to choose a prom date. But Penelope stayed firm, and so could I.

Traditions and rules be damned! My Odysseus will sail the seven seas for me!

I told Amber I would go shopping for a gown with her, but she had to promise not to set me up with anyone. She squirmed and silently chewed her lip the whole car ride home. She really wanted to play matchmaker.

A sedan zoomed by my driveway, green papers flying out the windows. Amber picked one up.

“Prom Afterparty, 12 to 3AM, 455 Stultz Ave, garage band. Be there.”

I was staring after that car. Was the driver..?? Nah.

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