My Day

By Jake – Aged 9.

The sun shined today and mummy wanted to go to the shops she said she would buy me some sweets so I went too.

The shop lady said I was a good boy and give me a free sweet I picked my favourite sweet strawberry flavour.

When we walked home mummy said it was starting to rain so we should run home. I like to run and I am the fastest in my class.

Daddy was at home but mummy was not happy anymore because daddy was mad. Daddy told me to go to my room and play with my toys.

I can hear Mummy and Daddy downstairs. Daddy is mad at Mummy but I do not know why. I think Mummy may have been bad because daddy is shouting and I can hear banging.

I think the banging stopped and I can hear Daddy walking up the stairs but I can’t hear Mummy anymore. I hope Daddy isn’t mad wi-

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