As with most couples, people often ask them how they met. Usually she would spin some story about how they met in a bar, casting glances back and forth until he bought her a drink. But I know that’s not what happened. The truth they keep between themselves. It’s a secret that smoulders between them. A shared experience they never talk about. And even when its just the two of them – she gets flustered at even the faintest hint at how they met. It’s a moment she claims she’d rather forget.. but when she’s alone and lets her mind wander aimlessly, it is that time and place her memories keep gravitating around. The moment that sparked her interest in him, and ignited her passion.

I was there. They didn’t see me.. didn’t know I was there. But I found myself watching them. His confident, knowing smile. Her hesitance. The flick of a wrist. A faint flicker of light. The smell of surfur. That hot glow. Warm embrace. Sirens blaring. Hands locking. Soulmates united. Fire. Kinship. Love.

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