Looking to the Stars

I had found a kindred soul in the stars above, those senescent children of eternity. Not like me, but almost. I would stand in their light.

First, money and power. With my expertise I built a corporate empire from a single quarter gotten panhandling. A decade passed.

Second, unity and focus. Small wars in which I played side against side, funding either side until their economies and infrastructure collapsed, to step in and offer aid. Treaties were entreated, alliances made. Sometimes an inconceivable tragedy, albeit artificial and sponsored by your truly, occurred. It was in this manner I banded the world together. I pointed them like an arrow towards the stars. It took a century.

Third, construction. Huge gantries were built to build the space tugs that would bring component parts of our vast generation ship to its berth in Earth orbit. Resources were drained. Lives became pastoral, more meaningful, of people of simple homes and pleasures commuting to complex jobs. It took centuries.

It was time.

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