Where Mortal Thoughts Remain

Clouds scudded overhead, reflecting pink sunset light, as June-scented breeze filled McGlover Park. Jethro shivered, reminded too much of Faerie. Memories rushed forth: kidnapping, dangerous travel, daring battles, finally facing off at Summer’s courts.

Ah, human. Not everything will come home, Queen Mab had promised, lips curving with iron-cold glee. Pretty treasures stay forever.

My beloved won’t become imprisoned in this Sidhe hoard! After defeating bloodthirsty royal guards, leaping into Benjamin’s hastily constructed portal, both returned together: wife serene, husband flushed and grinning. Danger wouldn’t ever visit again. Life would be bliss.

Such foolish joy. How it still hurt.

Megan leaned back on their picnic blanket, eyes shimmering twilight. “Happy,” she said. “Me nice sit, no thinky anymore.”

I love you for your mind, he’d whispered every day when they woke up. It’s so beautiful.

“That was never important,” he tried to say now, but couldn’t choke out the words through his tears.

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