My Memories, Part 1

Any time I’m sitting at my job, in a meeting, or any place where I don’t want to be, I can always go back to one special memory I had from when I was just a kid.
I must have been only 14 or so then, back when I grew my hair out to shoulder-length. My parents shipped me off by plane to spend a beautiful month in California with my oldest cousins.
They rented a beach house in Sunnyvale so we could go on the beach for the month I was staying.
I met her the first day I was there. Her name was Andrea.
God, I still remember how gorgeous she looked. She’s probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.
She had long, dirty-blonde hair and somehow she still had perfectly clear, fair skin even after all those days in the hot sun. She had a really skinny build and these big, beautiful dark green eyes that I could see my reflection in.
I was about six foot-three back then, and she was about five foot-something when I knew her.

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