Greg had been stuck in a maze of apartments in a city neighborhood he didn’t recognize for what seemed like weeks now. What’s worse, they almost seemed organized. He had seen a dozen in the past week, never alone.

Until three days ago, he had been traveling with Frank. Frank had rushed right into a group of them. Greg was finally getting pretty weak himself.

Now Greg has reached the edge of town and a quiet housing complex. This place must be safe, but he’s beyond caring. He walks up to a house and after a few minutes of slamming into the locked door finally breaks it in.

There’s a shout from the kitchen.

A mother and child huddled in the corner. They’re terrified, but who wouldn’t be? He reaches out a hand and moves toward them.

The child is crying now, the woman screaming. Greg trips and falls, his head cracking on the ground. He’s grabbed the mother’s leg but doesn’t remember doing it.

“No no please NO GOD PLEASE.”

The woman’s pleading turns to screams as Greg tears her calf muscle away.

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