Gift Exchange

Fred tore away the paper from the small, carefully-wrapped package. As soon as he caught a glimpse of what was beneath the wrapping paper, he stopped and looked nervously around the room.

“Thanks for the gift! Who’s next?” He tried stepping away from the make-shift podium, but George – his boss – stopped him.

“C’mon, Fred,” George said. “What did you get? Everyone else showed off their gift.”

“It’s – it’s, uh – " Fred stammered, and immediately blushed. He looked across the office floor at over 30 faces staring back at him, some smiling, others looking extremely bored. He shuddered as his gaze fell upon Grace, the 56-year-old single receptionist. He was sure she gave him a wink, but hoped that she was just blinking.

“It’s a – " Fred cleared his throat, trying to hide the words. “- A box of condoms.”

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