An Ambassador of Nature

The hem of her forest green dress swept leaves into motion as she passed by, creating an audible illusion that the wind preceded her presence. The dress itself was not tight, but close fitting – not at all like the voluminous garments the courtiers wear. When she heard their whispered conversations, often the words ‘practical’ and ‘homely’ were discerned, but no one could deny she was a beauty.

Perhaps the wild had taken an interest in forming her: hair the color of autumn leaves, skin smooth and light, but not pale like the Northerners. Her eyes were grey like a stormy sky or a still pond, and the brightness of her smile, rarely shone, was as the glint of sunlight off a stream. There were rumors that her father was a spirit of the forest that had seduced her mother into his devices. Superstition was still common in the courts. However, she was not unwelcome, for many were glad for her presence and saw it as a sign of protection from the wilds. Only the priests looked on her with disdain.

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