Rain boots clumped awkwardly through clear puddles, hood pulled as far forward as possible. Dorothy felt like an ogre, having attempted to fit her not-quite-waterproof backpack beneath her raincoat. She sloshed dangerously close to the street, reaching for handholds to keep her balance. Wisps of blond hair plastered against her face while she panted with effort. The backpack was so heavy…

Beneath a stand of trees, where leaves dipped and branches swayed, she stopped. Off went coat and pack, deposited in a nook where the tree roots had heaved up part of the sidewalk. Dorothy stretched luxuriously, thin arms over her head, back arched to relieve the burning in her shoulders. The transition was quite magical; a thin, quirky smile formed on her lips, eyes narrowing mischievously. Not a soul was in sight to see the her pixie-like caper of glee, so glad to be free!

Refreshing, cool rain ran along her bare arms. Gone was the ogre. The girl that danced in the rain could easily have been mistaken for a faerie.

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