King Farsa One

There once was a kingdom,
far, far away,
In a land of strife,
and a land of sin,
The skies always grey,
And the clouds red -
Useless lives, there, were led.

Banned were their words,
If spoken too loud,
Praised were their actions,
The worse they were -
The more accepted it was.

So, the only words spokens,
Were in whispered, hushed tones,
Of plans to someday,
Over throw the kingdom,
And it’s horrid ways.

But in all the days,
No one stood up,
No one took the plunge,
So quieted words,
And unspeakanle actions,
They all were chained to.

The KIng of the land,
Mighty Farsa-
Ruled with such power and force,
That his people obeyed under fear,
The more fear they showed -
The stronger he got.

For years and centries,
This all went well -
In favor of this mighty king,
Of this mighty land.

He would laugh to hisself,
knowing he had the upper hand,
Never would anyone overthrow him.

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