Modern Life

Ted found himself increasingly turned off by the responsibilities that came with adulthood. Making rent, paying bills, spending one’s days in servitude to a faceless corporation who cared less about him and more about the computer terminal it was his job to operate for eight hours of the day. When you can be replaced overnight by someone who will do the same job for significantly less money, your self-esteem tends to suffer.

But he needed the money. And while money may not itself be the root of all evil, it is a necessity if one wishes to partake of any evil activities.

He was building a bomb.

He’d thought about it long and hard, and after briefly flirting with the idea of building a self-sustaining eco-farm with his own vegetables, electricity generator and other independent amenities he’d concluded that removing himself from this world in a violent, destructive manner would probably be more beneficial to mankind. He wasn’t entirely sure why, but he expected he’d work it out before he pulled the trigger.

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