Submarine Captain Mickey

“Gosh, thank you, Mickey, for saving me from these horrid people with clubs!”

Mickey clapped Colbert upon the shoulder with an ivory white glove. “It’s all in a day’s work, dear Colbert the Seal! ’Tis my mission in life, to rescue the endangered unfortunates!”

What transpired?! Read on!

Submersible Captain Mickey Mouse of the DSS SEAMOUSE had tangled with the great Kraken for the last time, it seemed! Great tentacles with suckers the size of tractor tyres had wrapped themselves around Mickey’s boat and was drawing it closer to itself!

“Hard to starboard,” he cried! His valiant crew responded, unquestioning extensions of the good Captain’s will. The submarine now faced a dark and unfathomable orifice. The submarine gunner sergeant Donald Duck bellowed, “Torpedo away!”

The torpedo barreled into the Kraken, pushing it onto land, crushing a group of people doing dangerous things to seals with clubs. The dazed kraken drew itself away.

“Hip, hip-hooray!”

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