Best Party Ever

A million universes collided in that kiss. A million emotions raced through my veins on waves of adrenaline, emotions I never knew I had.

He disconnected his lips from mine. Then he quietly and slowly walked away, like he didn’t know what else to do.

As the world became one spinning ball under my feet again, I realized that in order for our worlds to really connect, there would have to be massive change.

I think it was the cigarette taste he left in my mouth that did it. Blinking, I stared at my red plastic cup full of beer. I had been contemplating drinking it, just to be normal, before the kiss. But now, I poured it all out onto the ground.

It was fun pining after him, wishing to be the beautiful bird on his arm, but it was time I found someone worth my being his arm candy. I could no longer see him in the crowd. I wished him well.

Amber rushed over.
“Hey! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! They say the cops are on the way! We gotta go!”
I ran with her to the car, smiling. Best. Party. Ever.

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