Heroic Theft

I collapsed into my chair, exhausted from searching for my wife who went missing in the forest a week ago. I was fast losing hope. Then my front door opened.

At first my heart lifted hoping to see her walk into the room. Instead, a large man wearing armor and carrying an axe entered. I sat, petrified. He walked to me and stood there, staring.

Not knowing what to say I blurted, “My wife has gone missing in the forest!”

He stood there, silent. After what seemed an eternity with no reaction by him I repeated myself. He nodded acceptingly and then turned away.

The man proceeded to walk around my house rummaging through things like a thief. I didn’t know what to say so I sat, still petrified. He took a silver whistle from my bedroom, a small figurine from the mantle, and some gold stashed in the cabinet. He then left the house as quickly as he had entered.

I forgave him for the theft, because I knew my wife would be returned to me soon. Heroes sure are a strange lot, but they always come through in the end.

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