Hunt Resumed

A pair of silver bells chimed in my pocket as I walked. The sounds they made would draw attention, attention I could ill afford, but I didn’t dare leave them behind. I traveled light, my clothes exchanged at the poorer of the two Goodwills- the one that asked less questions. I carried a six inch long knife that I had wisely stashed before going in the thrift store, the two bells and the remainder of my money- a paltry twenty-two dollars and change. It wasn’t much but it would do for now.

It was imperative that I find some way to leave the city. I had to abandon car and license, which was a shame, since the picture was finally a good one after all these years. The money in my pocket wouldn’t even cover a cab. Which is how I ended up with my thumb out, walking along the highway.

Sure it was illegal at least twice over, but it was better than letting the Devil herself get her hands back on me. I escaped once, but the saying was that no one escaped Ol’ Mother Grimm twice, certainly not one of her own children.

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