My Beautiful One

I gaze upon your perfection through a cloud of thin air. Blue data flows down your face in a never ending healing river. I wish I could touch you, sing to you, ask for forgiveness.

Instead, pressing my cold lips to the plastine is the closest I’ll ever come to showing you how I feel. A tear falls, becoming a crystal glinting in the gloom. My blue fingers caress the outline of your face making a map of love.

I wanted to improve your life not put you in danger. I failed.
We found what we sought and now I wish that we had never went seeking.
The knowledge scarred our souls and your body.
The stasis pod will survive the flight to Plutok 5 even if I won’t.

My soul will stay.

Gasping for air that is not there, I feel my extremities go numb. My head is heavy and I know where to lay it. I press my face to yours atop the frosty dome and stare unblinking into the face of all I ever wanted.

The last light to reach my dying eyes is of you, peaceful and waiting to be found, fixed and saved.

My beautiful one.

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