Kalil watched in horror as the old woman dropped lifeless from his bloody hands.

“I so did not sign up for this!” He rasped past leaden lungs and a stiff tongue, even as a maniacal pleasure blinded him from the kill.

“Murderer!” Someone screamed.

Kalil tried to run away. Veins popped, muscles strained but his body walked to the terrified beggar huddled against a bullet pocked wall and choked off the yell for help.

He hadn’t slept or eaten in weeks. His mind blacked out, his stomach screamed with pain.

Kalil wanted out of this nightmare! They had had fun with chanting spells, candles and golden powder stolen from the old hermit in the hills.
None of them knew the price to be paid.

When the beautiful djinn appeared in the circle, Kalil had embraced it with an open soul. With a puff of smoke and an evil laugh the djinn took it and his mind and body.

Now he prayed to Allah for death before more innocent ones died.

“Murderer!” A voice wailed.

“No!” Kalil struggled.

“Yes!” the djinn said in glee.

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