Blunting the Spearhead

“Even though my brother has tainted his august and royal blood with marriage to an inferior, blood must be thicker than water. Command of this new venture will fall to him, though in truth I know you are better suited to it. If the business ends in ruin, perhaps you’ll have an opportunity to save it- and him. Go to him. Maybe you’ll succeed, where I failed.”

I hid my anger at the words, driving it deep into my breast. It would do no good here. Blood aside, I deserved to be more than a glorified babysitter. Coldly, I looked upon he that I once called friend and was surprised by what I saw.

Kristoff looked tired, eyes sunken, skin stretched tight across his face. The strain of unexpected leadership seemed to press down on him, making his broad shoulders slump. One hand massaged his temples absently.

Carefully, I phrased my response. “I’ll not coddle your brother but I’ll do what I can. You know better than anyone else that he must be the bearer of his own knowledge. It’s a difficult way to learn… At best.”

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