’Evan, what the shit are you talking about?! This is—I mean, I..wuh?"
I stopped myself from making more useless syllables as I floundered in thought. His brows raised in what looked like guilt, and I sat there open-mouthed waiting for him to say something. Anything.

“I know this seems strange, but I’m still here, baby. I wanted you to know before this leaks to the public. I still love you..and I need you.” He spun the ring back in place on his finger. The ring that was now concealing a charging dock on his robot body.

My stomach lurched.

“But Evan..we-last night,” My synapses stumbled through the drunken haze of last night’s bar hop, the heat of his body, his lips, as we let lust control our every movement, “You can still?”

His cheeks flushed-God, those cheeks!-and he looked up at my shyly like any human might.

“Of course..but I didn’t drink, however. You know, with the wiring..”
I nodded slowly—skeptically. “The cancer was killing me biologically, James, what other option did I have?”

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