Powered by lithium aluminosilicate coated nanowires, the pulses from a precision made nano transistor processor will regulate the configuration of the nanotubes, causing them to stiffen in any position as needed. A rotaxane engine, not unlike a propeller system, shuffles molecules in coordination with a molecular gyroscope to remain in equilibrium when airborne.

The magnetochromatic microspheres lining the tubes are illuminated by nanoptic wires drawing from a single source white light quantum dot LED assembly. The microspheres themselves will be the source of colour, controlled by magnetic pulses along the nanotube tendrils.

The size of a dust particle, an advert resembles a virtually invisible jellyfish trailing lappets furred with free flowing cilia. It is capable of three-dimensional video, still photos, and sound. Sensors could be added for a touch-activated augmented reality console for use as a personal communications device, or a HUD mechanism when in a vehicle. The applications are endless.

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