Brooding over spilt milk

No no no.I won’t cross your path, I’m way too fast.I’ll be out of your way before you get to me. I’ll wriggle in through this corner and you won’t even touch my lane. Damn! You were not as slow as I expected. Why did you turn this way? I should have seen that coming! You’ve crashed into me.
Now what? Am I falling down? Save me,someone,anyone,please!

Great! Why have I reached home? No dad don’t sulk. Mom! why are you screaming and weeping? Please will someone tell me what is going on? Why are we weeping? What?!? I’m dead? When did this happen? No no no!

You, please help me get up. Please hold my neck, it hurts. Maybe I’ve broken a bone or two there. Don’t just stand there, help me! And you, why are you staring at me? Do I look that bad? Come on, I’m not bleeding yet. Get me to a doctor. Is that blood? No it can’t be mine. It must be the other guy. After all it was his fault, he drove into my lane from the wrong side.

Dad, Mom, I Love you! I’m sorry! I love you!

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