The Infinity Series No. 1

For an upgrade you may elect to purchase a planet. Yes, you heard me right! In addition to the unlimited range miniature wormhole embedded inside the Infinity Series No. 1, the package includes a planetwide ammo storehouse.

A tungsten alloy rail circles the equator, powered by a superconducting electromagnet in orbit at either pole allows your ammunition to reach relativistic speeds. The Infinity Series No. 1 also has a nano-structure intelligent barrel that conforms to the size of your ammunition. You may employ frag grenades, old school armor piercing rounds, plasma energy, cluster bombs, sentient RPGS mainlined with pigeon DNA. The possibilities are limitless. You choose what ammo you want on your planet.

For an extra fee, we would be more than glad to commission the transportation of an ore rich moon into a geo-synchronous orbit with your new planet. Refineries and an automatic mining crew would be included so you may replenish your ammo as needed.

Everybody’s getting one, and you know you want it!

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