You never smile.

It was unfortunate that I can’t read minds. I’m a paranoid creature, always suspecting infidelity, no matter what. We weren’t even officially a couple yet (I didn’t think), but that wasn’t stopping my mind from skipping down those paths. What a terrible feeling, I thought while lazily grazing my fingers over his back and shoulders.
“You feel like an ice cube.” I was the first one to talk this time.
“I can’t help it.” His eyes met my gaze.
“No, it’s nice. It’s hot out.”
He smiled. Not a cynical or amused smile either.
“What?” I guess I didn’t believe he was genuine.
“You never smile… You’re always such a hyper, tense thing. Look, your shoulders aren’t even hunched up right now.”
“Sorry. You just made me happy.”
“Oh yeah? So I guess I better fuck you more often.”
He chuckled. “Ya tebya lyublyu.”
“Quit that. You know I can’t speak Russian.” I poked his side. He either didn’t want to answer or had fallen asleep. “You’re silly,” I sighed.

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