The Perfect Crime

Business was better than good in the beginning. It was off the hook. We were moving so much product that we were running out of places to store the cash. So much traffic was coming up to the house that we had to pave the driveway. We were living on easy street and the mopes just kept coming.

We owned the DEA. Every once in a while we had to sacrifice a supplier or a couple of street level distributors but that didn’t hurt anything because the High School graduated new punks every year to take the place of anybody we burned.

Then, that “reform” sheriff, Cal Pulaski got elected and things started to change. He cut into us pretty hard and couldn’t be bought off. He cost us 20 million in seizures alone. Something had to be done.

We talked about it, my partners and me and came up with a two part plan. We’d import a shooter and kill Cal Pulaski. Then we’d buy a candidate and get him elected. Simple economics.

Business is good now. We own the Sheriff and the DEA. And if the FBI comes snooping around, well. . .

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