André jammed the button on his phone. Nothing. Everything was all touchscreens now, except for the solitary button necessary to reboot a device if the OS froze up.

“Dammit,” André swore. Stupid thing had been giving him fits all day.

Disk reformat in 5 sec…

“What? I didn’t request that!” Stupid devices were starting to think on their own now. André could have screamed.

He jammed the button again—

—and watched helplessly as the promised reformat took place, and a new message appeared on-screen.

I control this device now.

“The hell?” André muttered. He mashed down on the button again.

That won’t do you any good.

Fear crawled down André’s spine. He pitched the phone across the room, watching it disintegrate against a wall.

The lights flickered.

Shit. The house network. That was a problem. He had to cut power before—

Outside, chaos erupted, and André knew it was too late. The house network’s backup was warehoused across town, meaning it had already made the jump and was loose.

Oh. Shit.

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