Resale Value

Packed up and ready for the ol’ collection dumpster. I bet I’m losing about something shy of 400 bucks on this but that’s the burden of pragmatism. How do you sell all those pants? Drive to fourteen different locations and sell different sizes of pants? Just sell them in groups of four or three?

“No sir, you see I just happen to have various sizes of women’s pants. Look I watch the news too, and honestly do you give everyone who drops off multiple pairs of pants this kind of inquisition?!”

It’s just a redundancy measure though. Short of burning the pants, I can’t for the life of me think of any kind of reason there’d be special attention given to pants meant for the homeless. Given the frequency of donations, somebody’s gotta be giving them more pants. I guess that’s what alleviates my worries. Somebody else out there had sense enough to hide in plain sight too. Maybe it’s just us?

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