The Allgoods

I headed west, the beautiful farmland of home behind me, I went to find The One. Slowly the distance grew between the houses and I was alone.

“Allgoods?” I whispered to myself. I had never met anyone wit- Sirens blared as the midnight sky was interupted with blinding white. A lineup of vehicles were coming up behind me. I ducked to the side of the road hiding in the embankment. My breath staggered with fear. I knew that if I couldn’t hide I would die. That’s the way this world works. The sound of engines revved and the vans headed off again. As the vehicles passed I let out a long sigh. But danger was still surrounding me. Almost a mile off I heard voices. I couldn’t tell from which direction they had travelled from. “Where do we go Whit?” I heard a female voice demand, heaving out a desperate sigh. “I don’t know, lets just try and find a place to sleep for the night.” A male voice replied annoyed.

As he said that, a lightbulb went off. I needed to find a place to sleep.

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