I Believe.....

“What makes a man? Is it the deeds that he commits throughout his life, good and bad? Is it the words he leaves behind for others to think over and live their lives by? Is it determined by the number of sexual conquests he tallies? I put to you that it is not any of these miniscule, yet important, qualities. Rather, what makes a man is the fullness and awesomeness of his facial hair! Whether it be a burly beard or a manly stache, you can judge a man by the hair his face wears. And it is by these bitchin’ chops that I will lead our nation into a period of economic and social prosperity!” Jerry finishes as he throws his arms into the air in sign of self-belief.

“Seriously? You’re going to base your so-called ‘presidential campaign’ on the fact that you have, and I quote, “bitchin’ chops”?" asks Pete as he takes a drink of his iced tea across the table from Jerry.

“Hell yeah! But, if that doesn’t work, I’ll mention the free beer for everyone thing. That’ll guarantee the votes.”

“Yeah good luck with that.”

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