Psychic Assault: Unlucky

This was her favorite part, finding a new Break and guiding them to safety and training. She enjoyed tasting the edge of the maelstrom, remembering her own first Break, and then watching a mind put itself back together. To her it was music, poetry…it never failed to move her.

And Derrik’s mind was beautiful. All she had to do was keep them Blurred and reach the safehouse…

Nice catch you got there Morgan, a rich, heavy voice intruded, He’s going to be a bright one.

Her heart began to race and she grabbed Derrik by the wrist while she scanned the street around them. Then she felt the beginnings of another fresh Break…a woman just ahead of them screamed, clutched her head and fell to her knees.

Ohh…that’s got to suck… the voice said, laughing.

Derrik tried to tug his arm free of Morgan’s grasp, his breathing harsh. Soon he and the other woman would be caught together in a storm of pain, their raw minds feeding off each other.


“Fuck,” she muttered just before she Broke.

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