Death, So Noble

Death’s growl leaked from the darkness and bone shards crunched under foot when I jumped into the putrid oubliette. Another menacing growl curdled my gut and rattled my heart in its cold cage. It could smell my queen’s blood on my hands and robes, I caste them aside. Death would know who it killed tonight.

Taking my jeweled dagger out of its sheath I slashed my chest, arms and legs until blood wept to the ground, inciting the creature to frenzy. Each cut felt distant and icy. The growl grew to a chilling shriek of rage and hunger.

The fortress walls and my loyal men had fallen in bloody ruin before the oncoming undead horde.
I refused to be one of their drones. I refused to lower myself to live and give my body and soul to that horrid race. I would die, not an easy death, like I gave my wife, but noble.

The creature came at me fast, claws carving ribs and ripping open my stomach like tearing canvas. My knees gave and fetid breath engulfed my world as jaws clamped down and severed my spine, light burst.

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