It's a Gas!

In the cereal aisle a fart is heard.

Jack turns to her with a smile, “It’s a normal bodily function. When it demands to be heard, it is heard.”

Jill vehemently shakes her head. “It’s just something you don’t do in public!” She wrings her hands. “You resort to the privacy of your restroom, or somewhere with nobody around.” She wrinkles her nose.

“Then, ma’am,” shrugs Jack, “I must apologize for such a blatant disregard of courtesy and,” he sniffed, “aromatic sensibility.”

“Why?” Jill asks. “You weren’t the one who… oh.”

She giggles. Jack shakes his head.

“Boy, I’ve heard of simultaneous orgasms,” he says, “but this is a first for simultaneous flatulence!”

This time it is his turn to blush; he has spoken his thoughts aloud, and for him the discussion of intimate matters contains more opportunity for personal embarrassment than the discharge of bodily humours. Jill can’t stop giggling.

“What are we going to tell our children when they ask how we met?!” asked Jill. Her husband in response simply farted.

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