I Am What You Never Want To Say

“Shadow, I cannot imagine anything you have to say that will further ruin this day.”

An outline resolved, wavering before the glaring flames behind. Something about its posture had me sitting up in bed. It looked so small in the doorway. I blindly reached up and slid a pawtip across the glass vial at my bedside. Softly, its glow filled my tiny room. As it gradually grew in intensity, the namalian in my doorway no longer looked familiar.

Instantly on my feet, “Who are you,” had already left my lips. The creature cringed. It was black furred, smaller than me, and appeared to be Felynx. It was a confusing image, both friend and stranger. Such alternating perceptions put me on edge. Taking a defensive stance, I repeated my question.

It took a deep breath, about to speak, and shrugged it out in a ragged sigh. Instinctually, I inhaled to get a scent image of the stranger and my senses were further boggled by a mixture of signals that I could not interpret. Feminine, golden eyes stared helplessly back at me.

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