Confirm or Ignore?

Three o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon. I don’t have any more meetings today so the rest of the afternoon is dedicated to looking busy and staying awake. I have a small couch in my office but it’s not comfortable. Still haven’t decided if that’s good or bad.

I finish browsing the sale pages at Zappos, adding several items to my cart but not bothering to actually buy.

What to do? What to do?

I log into Facebook, several new messages are waiting. Mostly comments about comments, the usual selection of YouTube videos and a couple of invitations for Farmville .

Fifteen of my friends are online. I look down the list and realize that I don’t really know any of these people well enough to message them.

My Friends list is displayed on the left margin. On a whim, I start unfriending anyone whose middle name and/or occupation I don’t know. Very quickly, I’m left with only my brother and David Gomez.

I haven’t thought about David for a while.

I shut down my browser and pick up my phone to IM him.

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