Light, Darkness/Friends, Demons

The chill up my spine bristled my fur. Such confusion and contradiction could only mean one thing—dark magic. If the creature were friend it made no move to announce or clarify itself. If the creature were enemy it made no advance or change in stance as if to pounce.

My paw darted back then swept forward flinging the glass vial at the creature’s feet. A hiss escaped snarled lips.

As the glass shattered my voice cracked around a hastily spoken, “Veritas!” Vapors swirled, and the image of the felynx wavered. For a split second the one intruder was two, one a smear of night black ink, the other a pained but familiar face. The two snapped back together with the sound of a whip, and the light of the spell faded.

An empty doorway showed me only the way to the great room where a fire roared and fellows slept. No intruder, neither the friend nor the demon possessing her.

“Halstead!” I roared, “Rouse the men! We ride to Tremorden Castle at once!”

Darkness and worry settled upon my soul as I dressed.

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