Drop Dead Gorgeous

“Oh no Dionna, he isn’t looking at you,” croaked Marsha as Dionna swayed towards her.

“And why not, Marsha! You think he is looking at you? Hah!”

“Silly girls, how do you even know if he looking?” Derra’s voice was was all but unheard by the bickering girls. Vee’s hiss, on the other hand, stilled them both at once.

“Shh! Shhh! He’s coming closer!”

“Knock me forward, Marsha. Quickly!” Marsha picked an opportune wind current, and let her corpse sway into Dionna. The latter, in turn, swiveled to flash her gaping smile in the passing man’s direction.

They hung silently for a minute, but the man passed without even a friendly greeting.

Marsha was the first to break their collective indignant silence.

“How rude! Not a hello, what a nice day, how do you do! They aught to hang a man for such a lack of politesse!”

Dionna couldn’t help but guffaw.

“Oh, sure, hang him, hang her – your suggestions certainly worked in our favor! Let’s hang everyone, starting with whoever suggested it!

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