Leaving the Popsicle Stand

Nothing was going right.

When I most wanted it to rain, the sun shone, highlighting all my imperfections; when I needed silence, traffic zoomed by; when I wanted to be alone, people surrounded me.

Others tried to tell me what I should do, what path to follow, and I just sat here. I sat and stared at the nothingness I wanted to see. It was only when my joints creaked and I rubbed my eyes that I saw what was really there.

I was on the edge of the rest of my life.

That’s it, I’m going where I want to go, screw the consequences! They can hate me, cheer for me, follow me, or abandon me, but I’m going. I dusted off the seat of my pants, turned toward the sun, and stepped out.

I felt the stretch in my legs, the lightness in my heart, the smile growing on my face. Picking up the pace, I watched scenery fly by in a whir of color, light, and shadow. My hair flew back, waving the goodbye I didn’t give over my shoulder. I breathed deeply, taking in fresh air, knowing if I trip, I’ll get back up and keep going.

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