The Revolution Begins!

“They say that there is no victory. They say that when facing higher, tougher powers, that we can never win! Do you know what I say to that?!? I say that they can take their suppressive nonsense and shove it up their own rear ends, because we are not going to be complacent any longer!

“The dark one, the evil Henry Parrin, lords over these grounds as if he is untouchable! But we will deliver unto him and his cruel minions a beating that has been a long time in the coming!

“There will come a day when the strength of boy fails! A day when the flame of youth and eternity is quelled and the spirit of this good country dies! But it is not this day! There will come a day when the last flickers of life leave each and every one of our bodies and our great nation sinks into the sea before our very eyes! But it is not this day! And so I say to you, my corageous friends, on this day of revolution!” The students took up their hockey sticks and turned to face the opposition. “Rise, Men of West Court!”


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